About Us

About Our Chef

Chef Althea Grey Potter has always loved food full of spice and flavor, starting when she was a baby and her parents would give her pepperoncini peppers as snacks!

In her career as a chef in Portland, Oregon she has received accolades from Portland Monthly, Eater Portland, the Portland Mercury, Willamette Weekly, Imbibe, Time Out London, USA Today and many other publications celebrating her whimsical interpretations of bold global flavors.

When the restaurant where she was the chef shuttered during the pandemic, she drew upon her lifelong love of crunchy, garlicky spicy things to develop her own interpretation of chile crisp in unique and creative flavors. Fun fact: She funded starting The Flavor Society with the prize money that she won on The Food Network's Guy's Grocery Games!

Photo by Shawn Linehan


 About Our Sauces

Here at The Flavor Society, we certainly did not invent hot sauce or chile crunch or crisp. Hot pepper sauces were first made in 7000 B.C. by the indigenous peoples of Mexico, who made chile condiments to preserve their native hot pepper crops and add flavor to their diet.  

We set out to create condiments that are unconventional, unique and packed with flavor. We love and have the utmost respect for the people who have created chile condiments all over the world. Our spicy, crunchy sauces are condiments inspired by Chinese chile crisp, Tunisian harissa, Italian preserved Calabrian chiles, Japanese crunchy garlic chile oils, Mexican salsa macha, Thai nam prik pao, Georgian adjika, the sambals of Indonesia and the countless other flavorful chile condiments that we adore. Our crunchy sauces are also influenced by spiced seed blends like Japanese furikake, Egyptian dukkah and Middle Eastern za’atar.

Our flavors are inspired by our favorite foods, by everything you sprinkle on pizza, by wacky chip flavors and by creative chefs and cooks everywhere.

Part of our mission at The Flavor Society is to help those traditionally marginalized by America’s food systems have better access to food and careers in food. We donate 3% of our profits to organizations that support food justice.